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So, back to Good Things
The whole crew went to see PACIFIC RIM yesterday.

hapax: That... was amazing.
hapaxson: That was like the Platonic ideal of the summer blockbuster.
hapaxdaughter: I've never seen such a beautiful film.
hapaxspouse: Um. That was weird.

hapax: The balletic choreography of the fight scenes!
hapaxson: I love Del Toro's use of the umbrella motif as a visual accent.
hapaxdaughter: I know -- did you catch how the turquoise of the little girl's dress echoed the bioluminescense of the kaiju?
hapaxspouse: It sure rained a lot.

hapax: Idris Elba was sure channelling Samuel Jackson there.
hapaxson: I don't think he left out a single kaiju or wuxia archetype.
hapaxdaughter: Badass nerds for the win!
hapaxspouse: Am I the only one who could predict every single plot point an hour in advance?

hapax: That second monster by the breach: inspired by Biolante or Anguirus?
hapaxson: Did you catch the shout-out to the Evangelion Tang?
hapaxdaughter: Hah! A MS network error message!
hapaxspouse: What are you people TALKING about?

hapax: I'm going to buy the soundtrack.
hapaxson: I want to go back tomorrow and see it in 3D.
hapaxdaughter: I can't wait until it comes out on Blu-Ray.
hapaxspouse: That sure was LOUD.

hapax, hapaxson, hapaxdaughter: BEST. MOVIE. EVER!
hapaxspouse: I'll just go on ahead and start making dinner, shall I?

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This is the best movie review ever. :)

That made me laugh out loud!

Just got back from it. Absolutely amazing. They did everything right.

And I swear, the first time I saw Crimson Typhoon out of the hangar, I thought "Motie Mediator"!

Loving your tag for this review!

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